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Learn the truth about
BC nurses’ working conditions

Critically short staffed and facing burnout, BC nurses are struggling to provide safe patient care. Ask government to fix our health-care system and help BC’s nurses and their patients.

On my last shift, we were so short-staffed it was difficult to provide the care my patients required.”

BC nurses say that they’re constantly working short-staffed and have to skip their breaks because they’re helping their patients. Simply put, they’re overworked. As a result, 82% of our nurses say their mental health is suffering and leaving the profession they love is their only option. This will result in severe shortages when you or your family needs care the most. 

I never imagined that nursing could be so violent.”

In the last five years, 7,787 of our nurses have experienced time-loss injuries on the job, including everything from violent incidents, exposure to toxic substances to slips, trips and falls. In the past 18 months, more than 300 nurses have reported incidences of violence. For many, the cost to their personal life and well-being is too high. Ask the government to act now and secure the future of BC’s health-care system.

When there aren’t enough nurses, patient care suffers.”

The truth is, BC does not have enough nurses to keep up with our population. With more vacant nursing positions than ever, we will need 26,000 more nurses by 2031 to adequately serve all British Columbians. BC nurses say that the lack of nurses creates unbearable workloads for those who remain and leads to higher levels of stress and burnout. The government must take action to recruit and retain our nurses, now. 

What do nurses need? How can you help?

Providing nurses with the support they require should be a top priority for the BC government. Join the call for change. Use your voice to speak up in support of BC nurses by emailing your MLA.

YOU have the power to make them listen.

82% of BC nurses say their mental health is suffering.
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